Blood Truth Discussion Questions

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  1. Why is it so important for Rick to find out the truth about why his father left the police force and gave up on life?
  2. Why does Rick agree to help Kim even though he thinks she has better options? Do you agree with his decision? Do you think he has less than honorable motives in agreeing to help Kim? Did you want them to get together at the end of the book?
  3. When Rick finds evidence that seems to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his father was even a worse criminal than everyone thought, why does he persist in his quest to find the truth about his father? Is he punishing himself? Wouldn’t it be healthier to leave the past be when each new clue makes things look worse and worse?
  4. Why is Moira MacFarlane so important to Rick? Why do you think she has befriended him? What do you think of Moira? Would you like to see more of her?
  5. Is Sophia Domingo a good or bad person? Somewhere in between? Are the women in this book three dimensional or clichés?
  6. For those who have read YESTERDAY’S ECHO, were you happy to see Peter Stone in this book? What do you think of his and Rick’s relationship? Has it evolved since the first book?
  7. Does the interaction between the state and local governments and special interest groups ring true? How important were these entities to the story?
  8. What did you think of the dueling plotlines? Were they too much for one book or did they work well together?
  9. How is Rick different at the end of the book than he was at the beginning? Did he grow? Will he ever be happy? Was he truly his father’s son?
  10. What did you think of the title, BLOOD TRUTH? Did it have significance on more than one level or was it just a title?