Lost Tomorrows

Lost Tomorrows

Rick Cahill #6

A phone call thrusts Rick Cahill’s past and all its tragic consequences into his present. Krista Landingham, his former partner on the Santa Barbara Police Department, is dead. When Rick goes to the funeral in the city where his wife was murdered and where he is seen as guilty for her death in the eyes of the police, he discovers that Krista’s death may not have been a tragic accident, but murder. Hired by Krista’s sister, Leah, to investigate, Rick follows clues that lead him to the truth, not only about Krista’s death, but about the tragedy that ruined his life. Along the way, Leah shows him that his life can be salvaged and he can feel love again if he can just move beyond his past. But the past is Rick’s present and will always be until he rights his one great wrong. In the end, Rick is left with a decision that forces him to confront the horrific actions he’ll need to take to exact revenge and achieve redemption.

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Lefty Award for Best Mystery
Shamus Award for Best Mystery
On the Afar Magazine list of 12 Books to Read This Winter

“Coyle’s exiting sixth novel featuring San Diego, Calif., PI Rick Cahill opens with Rick getting a call from Leah Landingham asking him to come to Santa Barbara to attend the funeral of her sister, Krista, who was his training officer when he was a rookie cop 17 years earlier. Three years later, his wife, Colleen, was murdered, and he hasn’t been back to the city since. He hesitates because he knows that within the Santa Barbara PD he’s still unjustly despised as “the cop who got away with murdering his wife.” At the funeral, Leah asks him to investigate Krista’s death. The police think it was a hit-and-run accident, but Leah is sure it was murder. When Rick, whose creed is “Sometimes you have to do what’s right even when the law says it’s wrong,” learns that Krista had reopened the cold case file on Colleen’s murder just one week before her death, he knows that the two crimes are connected. The twisty plot takes readers down some false trails before reaching the explosive climax. Noir fans will be well satisfied.”
—Publishers Weekly

“… for those who admire old-school PI style, there’s plenty to savor here.”

“Coyle’s sixth “Rick Cahill” novel will please noir enthusiasts with its staccato prose, evocative descriptions, and hard-nosed protagonist.”
—Library Journal

“Southern California has turned out its fair share of thriller and noir superstars (some of them transplants, of course, before making their names on the west coast), such as Michael Connelly, Robert Crais, T. Jefferson Parker, James Ellroy, Raymond Chandler, and Ross MacDonald. Matt Coyle is quickly writing himself onto that list.”
—New York Journal of Books

“Readers seeking a thriller that borders on a study of psychology will find a treasure trove in this novel set in Santa Barbara, the city of lost tomorrows.”

“Sharp, suspenseful, and poignant, Lost Tomorrows hits like a breaking wave and pulls readers into its relentless undertow. Matt Coyle is at the top of his game.”
—Meg Gardiner, Edgar Award-winning author

“[Lost Tomorrows is] suspenseful, tightly written, full of curve balls and memorable characters and very, very smart. Welcome back, Rick. We’re really glad to see you.”
—Joe Ide, Shamus Award-winning author

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