Night Tremors

Night Tremors

Rick Cahill #2

Nightmares of the man he killed two years ago still chase Rick Cahill through his sleep. The memory of his murdered wife haunts him during waking hours. His private investigative work, secretly photographing adulterers, paid for his new house but stains his soul.

When an old nemesis asks for his help to free a man from prison, a man he thinks is wrongly convicted of murder, Rick grabs at the chance to turn his life around. His investigation takes him from the wealthy enclave of La Jolla to the dark underbelly of San Diego. His quest fractures his friendship with his mentor, endangers his steady job, and draws the ire of the Police Chief who had tried to put Rick behind bars forever. With the police on one side of the law and a vicious biker gang on the other, all trying to stop him from freeing the man in prison, Rick risks his life to uncover the truth that only the real killer knows about what happened one bloody night eight years earlier.


Night Tremors is Matt Coyle’s second superb thriller featuring the flawed, but likable, PI Rick Cahill. Coyle keeps the plot progressing at a solid pace with tight prose and a sufficient amount of unforeseen twists and turns to sustain readers’ interest to the shocking conclusion. Fans of PI thrillers will find Night Tremors an excellent reading experience—and eagerly anticipating the next Rick Cahill novel.”
—Fresh Fiction
“Every time I seem to think I am tiring of the PI genre… another novel like this one pops up and affirms my love of the genre…I loved it even more than the first book…This is shaping up to be one of my favorite new series.”
—Sons of Spade

“Matt Coyle is a reincarnated Raymond Chandler. Following his Anthony Award-winning debut, Yesterday’s Echo, Coyle astounds readers with Night Tremors, which packs the punch of a rocket-propelled grenade..One of my best reads in years, Night Tremors has a spectacular ‘Matt’ finish.”
—L. Dean Murphy,

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Best Novel Anthony Award Nominee
Best Left Coast Crime Regional Mystery Novel Nominee
Best First Private Detective Novel Shamus Award Nominee

“Coyle doesn’t disappoint in this sophomore entry after the Anthony Award-winning Yesterday’s Echoes. In this tale we find all the elements that garnered the first book such high praise: complex characters, snappy dialog, a fast-paced plot, and a clever blending of crime noir tropes with today’s culture. The gods seem to take delight in persecuting Rick Cahill, but readers will relish this fast-paced and complex whodunit.”
—Library Journal

“In Anthony Award-winner Coyle’s extremely dark sequel to 2013’s Yesterday’s Echo, Rich Cahill, a La Jolla, Calif., PI stuck doing such lowly jobs as photographing adulterous spouses, is drawn to the case of Randall Eddington. Imprisoned in San Quentin eight years earlier, at age 18, for the brutal murder of his parents and sister, Randall may get a new trial if fresh evidence can be verified. The investigation is complicated by the involvement of a vicious biker gang, the ethically compromised cops who may have known that Randall was framed, and Cahill’s own obsessive need to study every piece of the puzzle. Most PIs are hypercompetent and tough, but Cahill is fallible and painfully vulnerable—he keeps on trying to do the right thing. Readers should be prepared for a morally ambiguous ending to this sobering crime novel.”
—Publishers Weekly

“Rick Cahill is not a happy man. The former police officer turned PI still has nightmares about a man he killed two years ago, and he feels that he is responsible for the murder of his wife. Despairing of taking more cases involving the tracking of unfaithful spouses, he decides to help a lawyer he despises free an imprisoned man who may have been unjustly convicted of murder. The case puts him at odds with both the police department and a nasty biker gang and leads to a high-speed chase around San Diego. Solid hardboiled thriller fare.”

“…The accelerated pace keeps the pages flying and the eyelids open. Night Tremors is a novel that moves at breakneck speed without ever feeling rushed… Complex characters with this much backstory so early in a series are rare, but Coyle succeeds in making Rick Cahill feel real and relatable…by the time readers reach the end of Night Tremors, Rick Cahill is in a very different place than when things started. This is good news as it means there are still layers of this man to be uncovered and more novels by Matt Coyle in which that excavation can occur.”
—Bolo Books

“Matt Coyle, returns with his engrossing and complex second installment—crime thriller (Rick Cahill #2) Night Tremors…with grit, tenacity, suspense, and intensity. A flawed hero with his own demons; one you will find yourself rooting for, every step of the way…Matt Coyle is an author to follow, delivering a superb kick-ass taut series!”
—JDC Must Read Books

“As with author Matt Coyle’s Yesterday’s Echo,I was hooked on the first page of Night Tremors. With continuous suspense, an exciting, well-laid plot, varied characters, and the ability to use descriptive words to slip readers into scenes, Coyle has another surefire hit on his hands…Night Tremors kept me turning pages quickly. And I enjoyed every one.”

“All the elements of an interesting and satisfying mystery present in spades—I said it with his last book—pace, action, character, setting and resolution—all ticks in the box. I’m hoping Rick Cahill features in future books as I’m liking him…read in two days.”
—Col’s Criminal Library

“The reader is pulled along by a writing style that is fast and crisp throughout the actual investigation. A logical, but not telegraphed ending, is the reward for enjoying the book and does set up additional novels about Rick Cahill. Very well done and and a novel that will keep the reader glued to the pages.”
—Paul Lane for Stacy Alesi’s

“Following an Anthony Award-winning debut isn’t easy, but Matt Coyle slammed a homer. Hard, tough, humane—Night Tremors is outstanding!”
—Robert Crais, MWA Grand Master, Anthony, Macavity, and Shamus Award-winning author of Suspect

“Matt Coyle has expanded his substantial talents in Night Tremors, his second mystery. Tight, smart and surprising, Night Tremors breathes fresh life into the PI tradition and entertains us all the way.”
—T. Jefferson Parker, three-time Edgar® Award-winner and author of Full Measure

“A terrific new take on classic noir! A PI with a conscience grapples with his past, then plots his own brand of justice in Matt Coyle’s well-written, twisty and surprising page-turner.”
—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Agatha, Anthony, and Mary Higgins Clark Award-winning author of Truth be Told

“There are plenty of pretenders to Dashiell Hammett’s legacy, but Matt Coyle nails it in his latest. Night Tremors is dark, devious and thoroughly disarming, breathing new life into the hard-boiled PI genre.”
—Hilary Davidson, Anthony Award-winning author of Blood Always Tells

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