Wrong Light Discussion Questions

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  1. Was the setting of San Diego important to this book? Could it have been set anywhere?
  2. What is your first impression of Naomi Hendrix? Did you ever listen to a radio talk show like hers? Do you think people yearn for a sanctuary from their lives? A place where they can be listened to and understood?
  3. What did you think of the letter from Pluto? Would you be frightened if you were Naomi or figure the letter writer was harmless? Why do you think Rick takes it so seriously?
  4. What do you think of Chip Evigan? Slimy middle manager or someone in a very difficult position trying to do the right thing?
  5. What do you think of the method Rick used to get FBI Special Agent John Mallon to help him? Is Rick becoming unlikeable or do you forgive him for his methods because you believe in his quest for the truth? Is Rick’s that quest a shield he uses so he won’t have to deal with his responsibility for his wife’s long-ago murder?
  6. How important is Moira to the story? Could she be interchangeable with any sidekick? Is she really a sidekick? Why does Rick always go to her for help?
  7. What significance do security cameras play in the story? Is it believable? Used too much?
  8. Why does Rick feel responsible for the young woman who is kidnapped in the middle of the story? Would he have gone to the police sooner if he didn’t have such a bad history with law enforcement? Whose fault is that?
  9. What did you think of Pluto? Did you expect a classic serial killer story or a more hardboiled one?
  10. What does the title WRONG LIGHT mean in relation to the story? Could it be applicable to more than one character? Do some people see Rick through a wrong light or does he see the world that way? Or neither? What do you think of Rick’s choices at the end of the story? Is he a hero, antihero or a villain? Or none of the above? Or all of the above?